Do I need a prescription for a rectal fleet enema?

You do not require a prescription for a rectal fleet enema.
Rectal Fleet Enema may be purchased over the counter at any pharmacy.

How long will the appointment be?

Follow up appointments are on average between 5-15 minutes long and new consultations may run an average of 15-30 minutes long, both of which are dependent on the patient’s needs.

If I need surgery, where will it be done?

Depending on the surgery, Dr. Boushey has operating privileges at both the General and Riverside Campuses of The Ottawa Hospital.

What is Bowel Surgery?

Bowel Surgery removes (resection) an affected piece of bowel and stitches or staples the two ends together (anastomosis). If the two new ends cannot be joined, sometimes an opening (ostomy) is created for eliminating purposes. An ostomy may be temporary or permanent. A colostomy is part of the large intestine brought out into a tiny opening (stoma). A ileostomy is part of the small intestine brought out as a stoma. If you need to have a colostomy or ileostomy, your Enterostomal Therapy (ET) nurse will teach you how to care for it.

What should I expect before my surgery?

After you have seen Dr. Boushey and your surgery is scheduled, you will be booked for an appointment with the pre-admission clinic. The pre-admission appointment is where physicians will obtain your medical history and conduct a physical examination. During your visit at the pre-admission unit that day, you will undergo routine tests. These tests may include blood tests, x-ray tests and electrocardiograms.

How do I prepare for a procedure or an operation?

You will be given instructions during your pre-admission visit.

If you misplace your instructions or have any questions, you may contact Dr. Boushey’s Surgical Coordinator at (613) 737-8899 ext. 71724 for surgeries at the Riverside Campus and the General Campus.

What can I expect after an operation?

Approximately 4-6 weeks after your surgery, or as specified by Dr. Boushey, you will need a follow-up appointment. Please call Dr. Boushey’s office to book the appointment. At your follow-up appointment, your condition will be re-assessed, and you will be given a treatment plan.